Creative City is the Rights Holder of the
Copyrights of the late Dirk Laureyssens.

Dirk Laureyssens, a Belgian artist and inventor (1950 - 2021), penned over 150 patents and authored numerous books elucidating his game ideas and diverse concepts. These spanned from toys, board games, puzzles, and digital technologies to innovative food concepts. From a young age and continuing into his later years, Dirk maintained an active art practice. He earned his degree from the University of Antwerp in Social and Political Sciences.

A standout invention of his is the Happy Cubes 3D puzzle, also known as Cricro Puzzles and Wirrel Warrel. This puzzle gained significant traction in the 1990s and has maintained its popularity over the years, primarily due to its educational value in encouraging players to think in three dimensions. The Happy Cubes were notably featured in the Pavilion of Belgium at the World Exposition in Sevilla in 1992, EXPO'92, with a special showcase. Since 2018, the Happy Cube has been exclusively licensed to Smart Products.

Another major contribution from Dirk is the changeable dice system, also referred to as ZAP Dice. This system empowers designers to devise entirely new and dynamic games. For Dirk, the changeable dice were envisioned as a way to free players from the static dice-rolling mechanisms often seen in older game concepts, where players' fates were purely luck-based. By altering the dice with new values and abilities, players enjoy a relative autonomy in their actions.

Creative City licenses the ZAP Dice game system to game publishers and designers. We've partnered with a major board game manufacturer to guarantee top-quality standards. Additionally, a non-exclusive license for the ZAP dice has been granted to Rio Grande Games since 2010.