The ZAP Board Game System

Power up your (Board) Game Design with Dirk's Changeable Dice

Changeable dice, invented by the Belgian Dirk Laureyssens in 1993, allow designers to craft games where players can customize their dice. This merges traditional dice randomization with game logic and strategy. It's an excellent tool for designers aiming to devise unique new concepts.

An historic design, reinvented.

The design of the original die dates back more than 5,000 years. Time for something new.

CLASSIC style board games
❌ A standard die has fixed faces with predetermined outcomes. For each combination or ability, a different die is needed.
❌ Sophisticated game designs often need additional randomization mechanisms, such as multiple card decks, to introduce variety and strategic depth.
❌ Prototyping a dice-based game, especially fine-tuning the balance of values, becomes intricate with fixed dice.
Advantages of Changeable Dice
✅ Players can customize die bodies with face-disks.
✅ Offer an unlimited variety of colors and imprints on the face-disks.
✅ Introduce variety and strategy to your game while maintaining simplicity in game elements.
✅ Enhance your board game design with dynamic features.
✅ Leverage the changeable dice system for prototyping and precisely balancing the odds during play-testing.

The Components of the Changeable Dice

Dice Body

The dice body is a cubic frame designed to allow face-disks to be easily inserted and removed.


Face-disks are petite discs designed to fit snugly into a dice body. They can be adorned with (tampon) prints in up to three colors. By adding or removing these disks, you can adjust the powers and values on your game dice, allowing you to craft your desired odds!

Pawn Expansion

The concept of changeable face-disks extends beyond just dice! Face-disks can also be incorporated into pawns and potentially other game components. Inventor Dirk Laureyssens termed this the ZAP Game System, wherein all design elements can exchange their information and attributes with other components. Contact us to learn more.

How Does Designer Tom Lehmann Experience the Opportunities of the Changeable Dice?

Changeable game faces allow for quick prototyping and open up new areas in game design: the ability to improve die faces and the ability to concentrate multiple copies of faces to alter the odds in your favor.

Have you ever wanted special powers in a game that only occur some of the time? Changeable dice let players do that in a very elegant manner.

Have you ever rolled a die in a game and wished you could change the odds of a given face coming up? Changeable dice let players do that.

Games Using the Changeable Dice

Dice Realms
In Dice Realms (2022), by designer Thomas Lehmann, each player rules a small realm, represented by two customizable dice. The removable die faces allow for strategically improving farming, mining, defence, upgrades, and more. In each round, the players roll their dice to collect grain, victory points, and coins. Then, they must decide how to upgrade their die faces to improve their realms. But the players must be careful; each round, the Fate Die is rolled, and fate can be fickle. The future of your realm is in your hands: Will it thrive or merely survive?
In Rattlebones (2014), designed by Stephen Glenn, the player needs to find Rattlebones, who is wandering in his Fabulous Festival of Dice. The game is about transforming dice to create the best set of dice to score victory points, which allows you to come closer to Rattlebones and win the game… “an experience to six-sided-die for”!
Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry
Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry (2019), by designers Wei-Hwa Huang & Tom Lehmann, is an expansion for Roll for the Galaxy, a dice game of building space empires for 2-5 players. Your dice represent your populace, whom you direct to develop new technologies, settle worlds, and ship goods. The player who best manages his workers and builds the most prosperous empire wins! This expansion adds new game content as well as 62 more game dice, including multiple ZAP dices.

Protected Intellectual Property: Licensing the ZAP Game System

Dirk Laureyssens
Inventor of the Changeable Dice

The changeable dice, part of the “ZAP Game System,” are rights-protected and cannot be reproduced without consent. The inventor, Dirk Laureyssens, authored three technical books on the changeable concept to secure these copyrights. He was granted US copyrights (VA 637632, VA 637629, Tx 3747990, Tx 3884658) and analogous rights in Belgium. In these works, Dirk detailed multiple techniques for designing new games using the changeable dice and, more broadly, the ZAP game system. He also introduced new games and proposed alternate versions of existing ones. The copyrights have since been transferred to his heirs, who became part of the partnership at Creative City. To facilitate collaboration, Creative City offers a standard licensing contract, streamlining the process for game designers and publishers wishing to incorporate the ZAP dice system into their games. While Creative City does not oversee manufacturing or co-design, we do connect game publishers with a manufacturing partner, eliminating the need for tooling investment in many game applications.

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